October 11, 2011

Smart People (even when it rains)

This summer, I went to Isle of Ré, a french isle. Over there, you enter another world. I mean that you go around with wealthy people. They all come from Paris. And they're so fashionable. But they're all in their own world, like in a bubble. Because even in holidays they leave all together. It's as if Paris was coming "down" (because Isle of Ré is in the middle west of France) to Isle of Ré. Of course, I was in the wealthiest village of the isle. One day, I chose to sit at a café and to observe people. I loved it so much that I did it again the day after. It was so interesting. I noticed that even in bad, very bad weather (rainy), these people were really fashionable, they tried to put on their best rainy clothes... I let you to admire them !!

Mum and daughter...

 ...we were in July, the 20th...

Isle of Ré is also a little paradise for "people"...a rumour says that Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp are coming sometimes! Here is Vincent Lindon, a famous french actor ! I saw him the two days I was sitting at the café, randomly ! The second day, he sat at the second café of the little place where I was. It was strange to "meet" him whereas this man is nearly in every french movie you know...he plays a lot, and has very very very good roles. So, a bit amazing !

...even kids were so cute !


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