October 16, 2011

I'm sure u already watched this videoclip advertising campaign before a movie in a cinema :

For me, it's juste THE perfect videoclip done by Levi's. A very good proof of the young spirit nowadays. I thought that the speech into this video was written by Levi's production, and on the contrary, I discovered when I did a little search on my computer that the speech was actually a poem by Charles Bukowski, also know as "Hank"! So, I had to make it clear here. I think that this poem is just beautifully illustrated into this video clip, but unfortunately, there's no one clue that it was written by Charles Bukowski! 

Pour moi, c'est juste LE clip parfait réalisé par Levi's. Une belle preuve de l'esprit de la jeunesse aujourd'hui. Je pensais que le discours dans cette video avait été écrit directement par un quelconque scripte de l'entreprise Levi's, mais pas du tout, au contraire, j'ai découvert en faisant une petite recherche que ce discours était en fait un poème de Charles Bukowski, aussi connu sous le nom de "Hank"! J'ai donc voulu l'écrire noir sur blanc ici. Je pense que ce poème est juste magnifiquement illustré à travers cette video, mais malheureusement, il n'y a pas une seule indication concernant le fait qu'il ait été écrit par Charles Bukowski!

Here is the "lyrics" of the speech :

your life is your life
don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.
be on the watch.
there are ways out.
there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.
be on the watch.
the gods will offer you chances.
know them.
take them.
you can’t beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes.
and the more often you learn to do it,
the more light there will be.
your life is your life.
know it while you have it.
you are marvelous
the gods wait to delight
in you.
ta vie est ta vie
ne te laisse pas abattre par une soumission moite
sois à l'affût
il y a des issus
il y a une lumière quelque part
pas bien forte peut-être,
mais elle chasse les ténèbres
sois à l'affût
les dieux t'offriront des opportunités
reconnais-les, saisis-les
tu ne peux pas battre la mort
mais tu peux battre la mort dans ta vie,
et plus tu apprendras à le faire,
plus il y aura de lumière,
ta vie est ta vie,
sache-le tant qu'il est temps,
tu es prodigieux
les dieux attendent
de se délecter de toi

But there's also these advertisings, very well done :

All of theses videoclips show how much commercial advertisings are really prepared and underline the beauty of picture, and the beauty of reflexion. 

I also want to show my first one video, done wit one of my friend, one summer day, on the last minute, without even prepared anything about that...

Speechless from Elodie hope springs on Vimeo.

And I also loved this video, found randomly on Vimeo : http://vimeo.com/30535556


October 13, 2011

From a mess to the masses (Lisztomania)

If you're fond of the band Phoenix, 
watch this documentary on Arte (german and french TV chanel) tonight,
or try to find it on the Internet ! xxx
22.10 on Arte


Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix !

October 11, 2011

Smart People (even when it rains)

This summer, I went to Isle of Ré, a french isle. Over there, you enter another world. I mean that you go around with wealthy people. They all come from Paris. And they're so fashionable. But they're all in their own world, like in a bubble. Because even in holidays they leave all together. It's as if Paris was coming "down" (because Isle of Ré is in the middle west of France) to Isle of Ré. Of course, I was in the wealthiest village of the isle. One day, I chose to sit at a café and to observe people. I loved it so much that I did it again the day after. It was so interesting. I noticed that even in bad, very bad weather (rainy), these people were really fashionable, they tried to put on their best rainy clothes... I let you to admire them !!

Mum and daughter...

 ...we were in July, the 20th...